About Us

StopDoingNothing 101

My name is Patrick Allmond and I am the founder of the StopDoingNothing training company. People come to us what they want to accelerate the growth the of the business. We been running an apparel, training and digital marketing consulting company based in Oklahoma City since 2007. Many copycats have come and gone. 

What does "Stop Doing Nothing" mean?

It means having the mindset and discipline to do what needs be done even when you are ignorant and have no idea how to get started. It means being so hungry for your goals that you'll walk through fire and climb over ice to get there. It means that you are willing to take daily action because you know that discipline > motivation. SDN is your daily reminder to get off your butt and get to work. 

Why does this shop exist? 

I am a huge believer in "getting obsessed". This means more than wishing or wanting a better life. This means making sure that everything you do and say reflects your dreams. Even down to the close you year. You'll look at yourself probably 10-20 times in any given day. Why not remind yourself why you get up in the morning? And why not inspire those around you to aspire to bigger? That is why I created this store. To help people live and wear their own personal message daily. 

Want to hear more about SDN and got time for a video? Here it is in my own voice. 

Warning: Be careful about products from unlicensed copycats. To see official StopDoingNothing licensed be sure to check for the official logo and trademark. It should always says "StopDoingNothing Licensed Gear" or "StopDoingNothing - Since 2007".  Any company soliciting money from you for any products related to StopDoingNothing and the emails or calls don't come 405-217-4752, "allaboutfocus . com" or "StopDoingNothing . com" is not legitimate. If you've given one of these companies your financial information please contact your bank ASAP and dispute the charge.

If you want more information on our coaching or other services, email us at patrick@stopdoingnothing.com, visiting the website at stopdoingnothing.com or text our office at 405-217-4752.